$97K Can of Car Wax: Most Expensive in World

Posted: Mar. 14th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Mitchell & King

Status symbol in a can; shine it! 

 If you do a search on the “world’s most expensive car wax,” there are several products that crop up. The latest attention-seeking option for that designation is by Mitchell & King, a Scotland-based firm known for producing custom-blended wax for high-end cars.

The company’s wax comes in 24-karat gold jar encrusted with sparkles and costs around $97,000, depending on the current exchange rate, reports Yahoo and Born Rich

Mitchell & King created its wax in conjunction with the upcoming luxury road rally for the uber wealthy, the GoldRush Rally.  However, it takes more than being able to afford it to buy it. The purchase has to be approved by M&K to boot. The shine is supposed to last for up to four months. (OK--now that makes a differnce, right?)  

But Mitchell & King isn't selling function, but form; an idea of having a superlative object, even though it's something so mundane as car polish. It's a way to signify status [or senselessness?] to one's peers — and for the rest of us, to mark someone who won the lottery and doesn't know how lucky they are.