Keep the Taste without the Salt

Posted: May. 31st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Food makers are facing a conundrum, how to keep the flavor in food, while lowering the sodium. Salt has been a leader in health scares over the past decade, and food companies like Wal-Mart and VIP's like Michelle Obama are asking companies to knock out the sodium in their foods. However, food makers are weary to tell consumers they are lowering sodium in their products, because people associate low sodium with fewer flavors.

The Institute of Medicine, the health branch of the National Academy of Sciences, wants producers to voluntarily reduce sodium in products, and is calling for more government regulations. Salt is a major ingredient in many foods found in the average kitchen. It gives bread its consistency, and is used to preserve meats.

HealthFocus International conducted a study last year that found most Americans do not seem concerned about their salt intake. Only four in ten consumers say they watch their sodium intake, less than that avoid salty snacks and sodium rich foods.