The “Situation” in Italy

Posted: Jun. 6th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Joe Seer /

MTV’s The Jersey Shore is filming its newest season in Florence, Italy, but is meeting some road blocks when it comes to the filming. While Pauly D, The Situation, Snooki, and JWoww are working in a pizzeria and feeding hungry fans a sneak peek at the upcoming season, the Florence government and gallery owners are not willing to put its hundreds of years of art in harms way.

The Uffizi Gallery, home of works of art by Leonardo, Botticelli and Michelangelo, would not allow filming inside, for fear of the raucous group of New Jerseyans might damage the masterpieces. The city government sat down to watch past episodes of the “Jersey Shore” upon the request to film in Florence, and Cristina Giachi, the city’s Youth Policy Commissioner called it “terrible, awful” and “vulgar”. The city of Florence is in fear that "Florence's identity would get watered down by the Guidos and Guidettes."