Whole Body Tracking with the Basis Band

Posted: Sep. 19th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse

Looking to move beyond chest-strapped heart monitors or step counters, Basis is currently perfecting the technologies of their upcoming Basis Band, which is the next evolution of health monitoring watches. Rather than just be satisfied with getting rid of the chest strap that is required for heart monitors, Basis has packed the Basis Band with numerous sensors that will help the wearer get a much fuller picture of his or her health and activity as a whole.

Galvanic skin sensors, a three-dimensional accelerometer and temperature monitors, as well as the previous-mentioned heart monitor and step counter, will help users gauge just how effective their workouts and activities are, allowing the wearer to modify her or his routines to maximize efficiency. Likewise, the Basis Band is actually looking to be a rather good look watch, meaning monitoring one’s health won’t have to come at the expense of fashion.