A Look-See at the New $20.8M LearJet 85 Private Jet

Posted: Oct. 8th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Bombardier

What could we say that isn’t already in the headline about the new LearJet 85?

CNET provides a bird’s eye view of the business jet, attending a presentation of the LearJet 85 provided by Flexjet, the private-aviation firm, which is owned by Bombardier, the manufacturer of LearJets. 

The LJ 85 is a “smart” plane sans switches, dials, gauges, cables, and pulleys. Its ultra-modern avionic system features touch-screen controls, monitors, and electrical signals that run through it based on the movement of the steering column. 

The composite-material–built aircraft literally flies intuitively. It is symmetrically perfect. It seats eight passengers and two pilots; cruises at a high speed of 541 mph; and has a long-range cruising speed of 515 mph.  

While the LearJet 85 is the largest, fastest, and longest-ranging plane in the LearJet fleet, it and its $20.8 million price tag aren't even considered high-end private jets. LearJet Bombardier also manufactures two other families of jets, Challenger and Global, which go up as high as $70 million.