Acrimonious Divorce Ends with $33 Million Settlement -- Or Has It?

Posted: Nov. 27th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Seven years and 65 hearings later, real estate tycoon Scott Young and Michelle Young are finally divorced. The court ordered Mr. Young to pay his ex-wife $33 million plus her court costs to settle the matter.

However, Michelle Young is furious and claims that her former husband, who filed for bankruptcy and claims he is only worth $66 million, is actually worth billions. She contends that Scott made a mockery of the British court system and, with the help of some powerful connections, is hiding his actual net worth. Michelle plans to appeal the decision.

The judge chastised the newly divorced pair for their behavior and expressed sympathy to their two daughters. The final payment is due in three weeks. 

...."I feel nothing but sympathy for the two children of these parties," the judge added.

"What has occurred has not been child-focused. I truly hope that the parents will reflect on this. I also hope that is does not happen to any other children."