Anne Hathaway Apologizes to Valentino for Oscar-Gown Switch

Posted: Feb. 27th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: John Shearer / AP

With so much controversy over her decision to change the gown she wore to the Oscars,  actress Anne Hathaway has issued an apology to fashion designer Valentino for switching to a Prada-designed ensemble at the last minute.  

In her apology, Ms. Hathaway said that she made the switch because she had heard that someone else would be wearing a very similar looking gown. She also said that she looks forward to wearing Valentino-designed gowns in the future.

The controversy over the matter stemmed from a press release from Valentino’s that stated the designer would be making gowns for Ms. Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, and Sally Field. Several media sources said the Hathaway had snubbed Valentino.

Ms. Hathaway told E! News that she selected the gown because it made her feel like a 30-year-ols woman. 

“I tried on a ton of dresses and, at the end of the day, I loved the simplicity of it. And this sounds weird, but I'm 30 and I feel 30 in this, and that's a very positive thing."