Apple Users Can Download Music at Amazon MP3 Store

Posted: Jan. 18th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Bloomberg

The monopoly is no more.

The iTunes store is no longer the only shop in the world for Apple users to download music, reports the Washington Post.The web-based Amazon MP3 Store is open for business and hardware friendly to all comers. Amazon issued a press release on its latest development last week. 

It works withiPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phone or tablet, Roku, Sonos home entertainment system, or any web browser.

Apple and Amazon have several issues going on. Apple claims that Amzaon’s Appstore name is too close to the name of Apple’s App Store. And that is just part of the story. This is going to get ugly.

 And the company won quite the battle when the Department of Justice that it had found evidence that Apple and five book publishers had engaged in “price-fixing” to keep Amazon from undercutting the price of e-books. Four publishers have since settled with the government in the case, resulting in lower Amazon e-book prices and, in some cases, limited refunds on past purchases.