Art Collecting Done Responsibly

Posted: Sep. 17th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Nathan Kirkman

While there are more art collectors than ever, it takes time to become accomplished at it.

Meet the Fields of Chicago, Illinois. Over the past 11 years, Larry and Marilyn Fields have grown into savvy art collectors. It began as a hobby and has evolved into a lifestyle for Larry and Marilyn.  

Larry Fields is a former attorney and a floor trader in commodities whom, according to ArtInfo, is knowledgeable enough that his comments hold the interest of even informed listeners.

Marilyn Fields joined the women’s board of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in 1998. She served as the art board’s chairman for three years, accruing her experience from the inside. They have accumulated approximately 500 works from 300 living artists. Their journey offers some insight on how to go from nascent to pedigreed in art collecting. 

“They’re the type of clients who really understand intention and vision, the sort that make for the best kinds of projects,” says Weber, who won an Interior Architecture Award for the space from the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects.