Augmented Reality in Business

Posted: Jun. 2nd, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Business cards, the calling card and first impression one can give to clients and associates alike, just entered a new level of creative competition. What your business card says about you and your company is what determines how much business you get, so creative designers have brought a stunning new effect to business cards. Augmented reality cards are business cards, that when held up to a web cam, can offer clients a virtual introduction by your avatar or a videotaped speech that introduces your new product or what your business does.

By adding these additional aspects to your business card, whether it is extra text and graphics or a video by merely holding up the backside of the card to a webcam, businesses are being brought into the high tech field of career advancement. These new business cards may take away the need for that old paper resume. To see an example of what augmented reality can do for a business card head over to