Bentley Opens Its First Showroom in Philippine Market

Posted: Jun. 14th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors opens it first showroom in the Philippine market this week in Manila, ABS-CBN News reports. The opening of the new showroom is the 183rd dealership worldwide for the venerable British luxury automaker. The Philippine market also is the 52nd country that now sells the six-figure supercars.

Having an economy that grew more than 6% in 2012, thecountry is viewed as one of the world’sbooming markets. The encouraging growth in the nation’s economy continues to grow in 2013, as the economy increased to 7.8% through the first quarter 2013. The Philippine’s economic growth complements Bentley’s effort to expand its market share globally.

The PGA Automobile Inc. is the first official dealership of Bentley Motors in the Philippine market.   

“PGA Automobile formally embarks on a new adventure – a partnership with Bentley Motors and we are proud to bring you one of Britain’s oldest motor companies, well known as a manufacturer of exclusive automobiles founded 94 years ago and the world’s most admired luxury brand,” Bentley Manila managing director Amado Del Rosario said.