Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Wants Pot to be Legal for Medical Usage

Posted: Oct. 31st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

When will marijuana be the same as other prescribed drugs for medical usage?

It will occur sooner than later … if Cheryl Shuman’s voice is heard by the public and, even more importantly, the politicians. 

 The question stems from a story posted by the BBC News Magazine, which refers to the findings of a recent Gallup poll, where 58% of people in the U.S. support the elimination of restrictions on marijuana. The results are a 483% increase of legalizing it compared to the Gallup asking the same question in a poll conducted in 1969.

The plight to legalize pot for medical usage has a voice that is calm, rational, and pragmatic in Cheryl Shuman. Even better for proponents of legalization, she is an ultra-successful businesswoman with no residue of a personal agenda other than to raise public awareness to the drug’s medical purposefulness.

Ms. Shuman recently appeared on primetime television on ABC’s 20/20 news show. She also is the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, an organization that calls itself "high society women that use marijuana for medical reasons."

If you think that Cheryl’s plight is nothing more than the “Bling & Bong Show,” this short video produced by the BBC and hosted by Alastair Leithead is for you. 

…. Last year two US states - Colorado and Washington - voted to legalize the drug for recreational use, even though it's still banned by the federal government.