Black Périgord Truffles at $495 for 8 Ounces Are 'Gold' for Foodies

Posted: Dec. 11th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News


So, who needs digital currency when you have chocolate candies selling at nearly $1,000 per pound

The scent of a black Périgord truffle is said to instill insatiable cravings in a foodie. The rare chocolate candy with an earthy aroma and a smooth texture is the crème de la crème among savvy gourmands. It is reported that just the slightest amount of this delicacy can transform the flavor of a dish tenfold.

A recent story by i09 reports that “Périgord is a black diamond among fungi.” It is so expensive due to its rarity, as it grows only on oak and hazelnut roots. A study published by the Journal of Proteome Research explains why culinary scientists do not understand this fungus well enough to farm it.

However, it is reported by io9 that a solution to reproduce this coveted fungus may be on the horizon. An excerpt from io9 story explains it (better than we could!). 

….The researchers compared the proteins they'd found with a few synthetic compounds on the market that are used to imitate the Périgord scent, and found some similarities. But now, would-be truffle reverse-engineers have a lot more to go on if they want to craft the perfect replacement for Périgord oil, or even Périgords themselves.