Boeing is Bringing Back the Magic

Posted: May. 26th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

In Seattle, designers and engineers are bringing back the days when travel was stylish. The new sleek and smart Boeing Sky Interior is going to be the standard for the new 737s, which American Airlines is purchasing. With new overhead luggage areas to allow for more comfort, more arm room with sculpted walls, and design tricks to make the cabin area look larger, Boeing is still using the same size fuselage.

The idea behind this new 737 design is based on the Boeing Dreamliner, a larger and more comfortable designed plane that is aimed at passenger comfort. Bringing in psychologists to find out what passengers want in their air travel, American Airlines found out that passengers have high ideals and standards around air travel. It should be magical. Boeing is using these newly designed planes to make a magical connection with air travelers. With new lighting designs, dimmer switches to control the windows and cocktail bars, the Boeing Sky Interior is setting a new trend for air travel.