Bringing Sexy Back to SNL

Posted: May. 27th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

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Justin Timberlake was back to host Saturday Night Live’s season finale, and he brought on the laughs with co-host Lady Gaga. JT has become a seasoned Saturday Night Live host, with 3 times in front of the audience, and heading up some of the most legendary SNL skits. His songs, with singing/comedy partner Adam Samberg, have become internet phenomenon and award winners. Digital shorts, like “D--- in a box”, which won an Emmy for its writing, and “Mother Lover”, which was graced with cameos by Hollywood actresses Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon, have put Justin Timberlake in the ranks of SNL comedy talent, alongside Steve Martin. His new hit with Lady Gaga, "It's okay when it's a three-way," has once again brought him to the forefront of comedy.

After vowing that he wasn’t going to sing in the season finale, Justin Timberlake opened the show with a song entitled "I'm Not Gonna Sing".