Bronx: The Land that Entrepreneurs Keep Churning

Posted: Nov. 10th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

The Bronx is New York’s other borough. It is the old fashioned city compared to the glitzy land of status symbols on steroids that is the borough of Manhattan.  

It is the home of the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Nets, and where everyone not from Manhattan lives. It is known more for its toughness than affluent communities, yet Fordham University and the upscale Riverdale community are in the borough that is one of the most dangerous in the U.S. The Bronx is comprised mostly of common people with an average annual income less than $35,000, according to a report by Elite Daily.  

It also is a hotbed of opportunity filled with small businesses, burgeoning entrepreneurs, and a community of workers. This is where small wheels keep on turning, making big things happen. And it is only about a 15-minute ride from Grand Central Station.

….Young companies like Scenyc, Inc. and the Concourse Fund have already taken advantage of the many resources that the Bronx offers and have tailored their business models to give back to their neighborhood.