Changing Tides of Business Jet Manufacturer Execs

Posted: Nov. 11th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo Corporate Jet Investor

Top industry leaders and C-suite executives looking for stability and sustainability may find too much volatility for their liking in the business-jet manufacturing industry. 

Industry-centric publication Corporate Jet Investor reports that only one of the six major makers of business jets has kept its chief exec on board since 2006 in its story: “Gambling on Business Jets." 

Jean Ronsvallon, the chief executive of Dassault Falcon, has been its leader since 2003. Overall, 14 changes in the top executive ranks have occurred at the top six firms in less than seven years. Bombardier and Embraer recently announced that the leaders of their respective business jet divisions were exiting. 

…. Ernest Edwards is retiring from Embraer – and was clearly enjoying this prospect at NBAA 2013  – and Steve Ridolfi is moving up to senior vice president, strategy and mergers and acquisitions at Bombardier.