Choosing Your Neighborhood

Posted: May. 25th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Choosing a home is an important decision, but choosing a neighborhood is also important in the decision making process. When buying your next home take a few of these hints from leading Real Estate Brokers in regards to the neighborhood.

  • Education and schools in the area are important. Choosing a neighborhood that is close to the school your children, or future children, will attend is important. Are you close to a charter school or walking distance to the neighborhood school? School district boundaries are sometimes difficult to maneuver, so check your school ratings, and choose your neighborhood accordingly.
  • Longevity on return is important. Is your neighborhood riddled with foreclosed homes? This can drive property value down, which in turn can hurt your investment.
  • Crime rate is an important factor in choosing your neighborhood. A neighborhood can look nice, but check your local crime rate by calling the police department and asking questions about the safety factor and rates of visits to your neighborhood.
  • Entertainment is a key factor. You’ve heard of location, location, location, but if you enjoy the nightlife and your dream home is thirty miles from the nearest movie theater or shopping this is something to consider.

Choosing a home is an important decision. Take these tips into account when choosing your next neighborhood.