Christie Brinkley, 59, Still in the Swim of It All

Posted: May. 22nd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Social LIfe

Usually, when this publication mentions “Christie’s,” it is a reference to the world’s number-one high-end auction house. Today, it means Christie Brinkley, as in, Christie’s amazingly shapely figure for a woman at the age of 59.  

Maybe it is all that time she spends exercising on Chuck Norris’ Total Gym? While NBC’s Today Show cattily kids about her bathing suit looking more like an outfit Cat Woman from the Batman franchise would wear, she looks better than most women half her age. Ms. Brinkley poses in swimwear in the may issue of Social Life magazine. 

These days Christy prefers to be the photographer rather than the modeled being photographed.

 "I am newly addicted to Instagram," she said. "I find when I walk with a camera in my hand, I am extra alert and attuned to all the extraordinary beauty that abounds, from the smallest detail of a powdery pistil in a flower to the texture of the sky."