Coffee Prepared By Robot & Ready for Pick-Up

Posted: Oct. 23rd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Briggo

The latest trend percolating in the retail-coffee industry is an onsite “smart-kiosk” that is operated by a robot, NPR reports via a story by Quartz

A station takes up about 50 square feet and has an exterior wood design. This is not just a huge vending machine, as customers can place their orders in person, online, or with a cell phone, and then pick it up.

Similar to brick-and-mortar shops, the kiosks offer a large selection of premium coffees. Patrons can set up online accounts and have their orders stored in memory for convenient reorders. Several companies are already in the mix and up and brewing, including Briggo, Seattle’s Finest (Starbuck’s brand), and the Marley Coffee Machine.

The Marley Coffee Machine plays music by Bob Marley at its kiosks; jamming java kiosks. 

 …. The machine, after all, can measure humidity, temperature, water pressure, timing and other such factors to a T. And while institutions host the coffee kiosks, Briggo retains ownership of the machines so it can closely manage the entire process, from origin of its direct-trade beans to cup in hand.