Collector of Ryan Braun's Sports Memorabilia Loses More than Money

Posted: Jul. 29th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Fox 6 News

“Say it ain’t so,” but what about when it is?  Who pays for it?

Every time a famous athlete steps up and admits to being a cheater, there is a price to be paid. Unfortunately, it is not just the shamed athletes that have pay.

Professional baseball player and member of the Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun is a former MVP of the league, a perennial all-star, and, now, a liar that has been suspended from MLB for the remainder of the season due to his involvement with illegal performance-enhancing drugs (PED). The same thing that Braun vehemently denied doing  until the evidence against him was unchallengeable.

While the league will welcome Ryan Braun back after he serves his suspension, maybe not by the Brewers, what about the fans? What about sports-memorabilia collectors who paid good money to buy goods that are worthless?

Yahoo Sports captures the story of Nick Yohanek, a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and resident of  Whitewater, Wisconsin. He was an avid collector of all-things Ryan Braun. He has spent about $15,000 on items that likely are not as valuable today as yesterday.

There are no guarantees. All investments have inherent risks. But it was more than the money … he felt that he was duped.  Teach your children well.

From Fox 6 News ... the aftermath. 

After the suspension, Yohanek had to explain to his daughter what performance enhancing drugs were and why they were wrong. Now, Clara contends, the player is “definitely not” her favorite.

“He lied to people,” she said. “And it’s disappointing that he did that and it just doesn’t sound like him.”