Compact Digital Cameras Getting 'Smarter' with Exclusive Features

Posted: Jun. 21st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Fujifilm

The influx of smartphones and the high level of technology packed into the personal-communication devices are prompting manufacturers of digital cameras to add new features to maintain relevance with consumers.

This report by’s contributing writer Amadou Diallo point out that the bubbling market for the sub-$300 click-and-shoot digital camera is yesterday’s news. Savvy consumers are expecting to have more features from their digital cameras than the ones in their smartphones. All of the new digital cameras reviewed in this buyer’s guide do offer more features than smartphone cameras. 

It is a good opportunity to catch up with the latest offerings.

For all their differences, each of the cameras we’re going to look at have imaging sensors that are larger than what you’ll find inside any smartphone (aside from  the Nokia 808) and have wider maximum lens apertures, which means they can deliver cleaner images in lower light. They also provide the option to shoot raw format images, for much greater leeway in post-capture processing than JPEG files allow. And of course they all come equipped with an actual zoom lens, a claim no contemporary smartphone except theSamsung S4 Zoom can make.