Confession of a Paid Celebrity-Sober Companion

Posted: Jul. 29th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

While life in the fast lane with Hollywood’s movers and shakers can be both a surrealistic and an addictive experience, it also has many inherent risks that accompany it.   

This story is about how a ordinary man found himself in an extraordinary position. He was paid $75 per hour to keep a celebrity clean and sober. The gig paid the sobriety companion $800 a day, which amounted to $18,000 a month.

The job was simple, hangout in Malibu, stay with the actor and his family 24/7, cavort among the rich and famous, and keep the actor sober at all costs.  It was the issues surrounding the circumstance that nearly cost the paid sobriety companion his own sobriety.   Reality really is the best-story teller of all.  Read the entire story at The Fix.   

The only qualification I have is that I know how to not get high, one day at a time. As the days progressed, life consisted of a lunch and a dinner with some producer or director, as well as a daily trip to the gym, and several trips to different doctors for his many, many prescriptions.