Could Facebook's Graph Search Embarrass You?

Posted: Jan. 18th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Inside Facebook

If you are one of the Kardashian gals, no problem.

However, if you aren’t an attention-seeking missile fueled by controversy, it could be a situation you would rather not encounter.

While marketers may love knowing every detail about your social-networking experiences, how do you feel about being an open book? Choose your Facebook “likes” with discretion or be prepared to face some potentially embarrassing situations.

If you feel that you have already driven your reputation over the cliff, stay calm; it is not too late, Venture Beat reports. But you need to act now.

This is where people may start being surprised with search. For example, individually, your interests aren’t that bad. So, you liked a group called “Big Titties.” If that shows up on a news feed, maybe your friends will laugh and then move on with their days. But when it shows up — as Gizmodo realized — in a searchable list of “people who like Big Titties,” or Kinky Sex, or “Hating When Black People Say Things That You Can’t Understand!” and that gets publicized, your interest in large [breasts] may deflate.