Destination: Hong Kong

Posted: May. 26th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Perfect island travel destinations entail clear blue waters, fine sand, and beautifully tiled pavilions, and though most think of the Caribbean isles when island getaways come to mind, this beautiful island destination is none other than Lantau Island, an hour outside of Hong Kong.

Approximately one hour’s ferry ride away from the hustle bustle of downtown Hong Kong sits an island getaway resort campsite on the beaches of Pui O. Roaming water buffalo graze in fields in front of a mountainous landscape; however this is only part of the complete Lantau Island getaway experience. Lantau Island vacationers are treated to beautiful hotel accommodations, shopping at the only outlet mall in Hong Kong Territories, and restaurants. Lantau Island offers hiking trails, a monastery, a fishing village and a cable car that whisks visitors up to the Big Buddha.

Hong Kong’s Lantau Island offers beach seeking travelers the complete island destination experience.