E-books Taking Over The Market

Posted: Jun. 3rd, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

The BookExpo America saw a packed house at the Javits Center in New York, and e-readers were a hot topic. Ebook sales have recently surpassed print books on Amazon, and authors and publishers alike are blaming it on market trends, rather than the end of the print book era. The news hasn’t been bright for many large chain bookstores, like Borders, who is going out of business. "It's good news for Amazon, but if people buy all their books on Amazon, for Kindle, they aren't going to spend at bookstores anymore,” said Faye Landes of Consumer Edge Research.

While the e-book business is booming, this may not mean a completely bright future for the book publishing business print or digital, because the money made on e-readers is significantly lower than that of print books. Amazon has announced that they will be launching a general interest trade publishing branch, which is great news for Amazon, but maybe not so great for small trade publishers. Consumer Edge Research explained in a recent report: "Amazon is already the second-biggest player in physical books in the U.S. and the biggest player in e-books. An aggressive move into book publishing will likely enhance and consolidate the company's power. We expect to hear a lot of bellyaching from traditional book publishers, who already in many cases resent Amazon's power."