E-Cigarettes on Radar of Major Players in Tobacco Industry

Posted: Nov. 24th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: The Guardian

Where small companies endure, larger ones lurk, wait, and buy those startups once a product goes from a trend to a mega-trend.

E-cigarette sales make up one percent of the $100 billion tobacco industry, according to a report posted on the blog of The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ report talks about how the Big Three in the tobacco business have each taken on a high-profile player in the burgeoning e-cigarette marketplace. There are no signs of market myopia here. Additionally, these companies taking ownership of e-cigs enables the firms to get back to advertising on TV, as there is no legislation currently that prohibits it.

The originating manufacturers argue that they have a foothold in the market that will endure the big bucks, extensive distribution networks, and existing brand recognition of consumers. 

So, when can we expect to see e-variants of known brands such as Marlboro, Newport, and

Camel? (Sooner than later … is our guess.)

 ….After just four months, Vuse’s [a brand acquired by Reynolds] distribution already spans 1,800 retail outlets in Colorado, according to Reynolds. The company also has a national database of 12 million tobacco customers to whom it can market directly – a major leg up because most people who try e-cigarettes already smoke.