'Early Adoption Is for Rich Chumps,' per Google Director Ray Kurzell

Posted: Jun. 21st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Casey Johnston

Perhaps it is best for Google that Ray Kurzell is a director of engineering and not a marketing executive working on Google Glass.

Kurzelll's candor toward consumers that clamor to be first buyers of new technology during a speech he recently gave at at the GF 2045 was neither complimentary nor flattering.

“Only the rich have these technologies when they don’t work,”  said Kurzell while addressing a gathering at the . He also said that adoption is for rich chumps.

While being first has its advantages, it is not really the case when it comes to new technology and its early adopters. Generally, the first ones in pay the most and get the least return from it.Kurzell further added that technology is cheap and accesible to the general public when it works well. (Got to text him kudos up on that one, right?) 

For instance, the earliest Motorola Dynatac phone released in 1984 cost $3,995, had only 30 minutes of talk time, and stored 30 phone numbers. Nearly 20 years later, smartphones replace several single-purpose gadgets, connect us socially to countries’ worth of people, and store large amounts of apps, photos, and video—all while costing just $200 on a contract.