Farm in Greenwich, CT, Listed at $190M, Most Expensive Ever on U.S. Market

Posted: May. 21st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Christie's

When a luxury property is referred to with a formal name instead of a physical address, it is usually super expensive.  This listing supports that assertion without qualm.

 The Copper Beech Farm located in Greenwich, Connecticut, is being cited by various sources as the most expensive house ever listed on the U.S. market with an asking price of $190 million. The estate, which sets on 50 acres of land, hit the market last Friday, according to the

While 76% of the residences listed for sale in Greenwich are priced at more than $1 million, this is the mother lode. It dwarfs the most expensive sale on record for the area by $145 million. If it sells, it will be the first residential listing to hit to sell for nine digits.

[It has] 4,000 feet of waterfront, a couple of islands and 12 bedrooms (two of which are oval-shaped), and the ticket price climbs pretty quickly -- all the way to a record-shattering $190 million for the property on Indian Field Road, near Greenwich's Bruce Park