Fergie wins a Fifi

Posted: May. 31st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

The Fragrance Foundation has awarded Fergie with a Fifi award, honoring her fragrance Outspoken. The awards ceremony was held at the Lincoln Center, and Outspoken won for best new celebrity fragrance of the year. With its base of leather, floral notes and tuberose, Outspoken is not the only fragrance in store for Black Eyed Peas bombshell. Her second fragrance, Outspoken Intense will be hitting the market in October. Outspoken Intense is taking its wearers and Fergie back to her days growing up in Southern California. With its key note being the scent of kumquat Fergie says, "My dad grew them. He taught me how to peel them. They're very, very small.

Other stars that have shared the best new celebrity fragrance award are Mary J. Blige and Halle Berry. This award was once seen as an add-on award to the Fragrance Foundation’s awards, not sure if it would be around from one year to the next, but this category is now a major segment of marketing in the fragrance industry. Celebrities take their fragrances as seriously as they take their new albums.