First Bitcoin ATM Does $100K in Transactions in 8 Days

Posted: Nov. 9th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

The world’s first Bitcoin ATM processed $100,000 in transactions during its first eight days of operating in Vancouver, Canada.

Robocoin is the company that installed the first Bitcoin ATM. Biometric technology is used to access the machine made, as users gain access by a palm scan. Lamassu is yet another firm that builds Bitcoin ATMs.

Robocoin uses biometric technology for users to access its ATM by scanning their palm. Lanasu does not require users to have their palm scanned to use its ATM.

…. “Robocoin has finally made Bitcoin accessible,” says Jordan Kelley, the company’s CEO. Kelley says that so far approximately 80 percent of the machine’s business has been people buying Bitcoins, while the other 20 percent has been people who wanted to sell their Bitcoins for cash. Robocoin says its machine is the first Bitcoin ATM in the world.