First Casino Bar in China Outside Macau Approved by Government

Posted: Feb. 18th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Reuters

China is looking into expanding its position on gambling sites, Reuters reports.

The country has opened its first casino-bar that is not located in Macau, which is the largest center of activity for gambling in the world.

Jesters, the casino bar, opened in the fourth quarter of 2012, in Hainan, a resort island.  The newly opened casino bar is part of Mangrove Tree Resort World. There are no cash payouts at Jesters, as players receive points only, which they can use to pay for their lodgings, luxury goods, and other items available at the resort.

Global investors, including prominent casinos, and the Chinese government are equally interested in the outcome of this experiment.  Zhang Baoquan, the owner of Jesters, said that the government is monitoring the club’s progress.  

“Our casino bar is the first in the country,” Mr. Zhang said in an interview at his 23rd-floor office overlooking the 70-hectare, or 173-acre, property. “The government is monitoring. It’s a test.”