Flying with Fido

Posted: May. 25th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

While many hotels are amping up their accommodations for your four legged friends to join you on vacation, the airlines are passing more restrictions on traveling with pets. In the last two years, the incidences of pet deaths, lost pets or injured pets have been a cause for increased safety measures and concern for airlines. Before you take Fido on a flight, make sure you know what the airlines restrictions are on bringing your pet with you.

Delta Airlines have put a ban on brachicephalic, or “smashed-face” animals, like bulldogs and Persian cats, due to their common breathing problems. Some large breed dogs are being turned away, because of the size of their carriers. Airlines are trying to be more pet-friendly, by allowing pets to ride in cabins, rather than only in the cargo bays, but the cost associated is high. Delta, American Airlines and United are charging $125 one way for cabin riding pets.

If your travel plans involve being accompanied by your pet, call your airline and plan ahead for any restrictions they instill.