Four Social Networks that Are Bigger than Facebook (Outside the U.S.)

Posted: Jan. 4th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Vincenzo Cosenza

You could probably win some bets with this infomation. 

While Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide with approximately a billion active members, its superior status is not quite ubiquitous.

Facebook is the top-ranked social network in 92.7 percent of the 137 countries tracked. There are four other social networks in 10 countries that are dominant over Mark Zuckerberg’s “cool” website. Actually, it is four plus Twitter, as China is among Twitter’s most active countries despite it being blocked there.

A report from, based on an analysis by strategist Vincenzo Cosenza, using info from Internet-metrics firm Alexa, indicates the four major non-U.S. networks have a total of 778 million members, When those are combined with Twitter’s 500 million active users globally, it sums to a “social horde” that is greater than Facebook’s. 

Here how it breaks down. Qzone has 552 million users in China and South Korea; V Kontakte (190 million) and Odnoklassniki (45 million) have 235 million users in Russia; Cloob has 1 million users in Iran. 

Qzone - 552 million users
A massive social network that dominates China and South Korea, Qzone is sort of a cross between Facebook and Myspace. Users are encouraged to keep both diaries and blogs, share photos and listen to music, and as such,attracts mostly 18-to-24-years olds. Qzone is owned by  Shenzhen-based Internet portal Tencent, which also operates China's extremely popular instant-messaging service QQ.