Glitch in the Matrix

Posted: Jun. 3rd, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

A California prison’s computer system has wreaked havoc on the matrix system, erroneously releasing 450 violent criminals back into society. The new computer system, which is meant to save tax payer dollars by assisting in determining release dates for non-violent and low-risk offenders, did not have enough information to do an accurate job. The release of the inmates was based on arrest information only, without taking into account the previous arrest records of the inmates. The system set free violent felons, gang members and rapists, all parole free.

The California prison system is under federal mandate to cut inmate populations by 33,000 individuals within the next two years, due to prison overcrowding. While the computer system was meant to assist with release, the lack of accurate information is causing a hindrance. At this time, law enforcement is not seeking to re-arrest the mistakenly released felons, and they will not return to prison unless they commit further crimes.