GoDaddy Expected to Tone Down Image on 2014 Super Bowl Ads

Posted: Nov. 2nd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

A recent report on Yahoo Sports via the AP is that GoDaddy, the world's most well-known domain registrar and web-hosting firm, is going to tone down its TV ads for the 2014 Super Bowl.

Company CEO Blake Irving told the AP that racecar driver Danica Patrick will appear in one of the commerciasl and maybe both. The firm toned down its image on a recent advertisement and is hopeful to gain broader appealwith  smaller businesses with this shift in demeanor.

(Frankly … even with the precursors … I will believe this is true only after seeing it. Irving is a marketing genius. Name another comapny that does what this one does and is as popular.)

Ms. Patrick leads all celebrities in appearances on TV commercials broadcasted during the Super Bowls over the years, appearing in 12 so far.

So, how does Danica feel about GoDaddy’s change of image to subtle from its wild, sassy, and sexy on steroids?   

…."Definitely when you have transitions within companies ... you hope you're part of those decisions for a long time," Patrick said.

"It's important that my sponsor benefits the most and their company grows and I want to help them do that."