Google and Mercedes-Benz Team with Digital DriveStyle App

Posted: May. 16th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Two giants of their respective industries are teaming to display their latest technological innovation in San Francisco this week at the Google I/O developers conference. 

Google and Mercedes-Benz are introducing the Digital DriveStyle app, which can be used in conjunction with luxury automaker’s Drive Kit Plus system. The system enables the car’s infotainment system to be operated via a smartphone. The system also can be controlled through MBZ’s patented Command system with voice controls.

While it is currently a concept, the Digital DriveStyle app is expected to rollout sometime in the first half of this year, reports Fox News and Motor Authority.

Google and Mercedes-Benz are also showing off a new concept with a Digital DriveStyle display at Google I/O. This new concept is showing off the capabilities of Google's Places API with new features, such as faster search, the ability to preview destinations on the go, knowing the hottest spots in town, and getting live traffic conditions from Google Traffic.