Greece to Tax All Ships Passing Through Its Waterways Effective 2014

Posted: Dec. 15th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Yachting Monthly

Similar to cars being driven on a turnpike, ships that pass through Greece will pay a tax for such privilege effective January 1, 2014, reports Yachting Monthly.

Size will determine the amount of the fee that ships will pay to use Greece’s waterways. Jim Baerselman, a member of the Cruising Association, told YM that this fee could adversely affect the number of yachts that pass through. The Cruising Association has nearly 1,500 members that currently sail through the surrounding islands.  

According to Mr.Baerselman, he spoke with a Greek tax account that said that the tax will be charged for all recreational and commercial ships and small boats, regardless of their flag, which sail or are moored or anchored in Greek waters.

 ….[Jim Baerselman]went on to say the Minister of Marine and Aegean said yachts or motorboats sailing in Greek waters needed to keep proof of payment with their registration document which is issued when entering Greece.