Healthy Food Selections at Fast-Food Restaurants

Posted: Jan. 4th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

CHARLES FOX / Staff Photograph

Fast food restaurants usually aren’t go-to eatery options for folks seeking to eat healthfully. When the food is prepared fast, it is generally not a memorable gastronomical experience.

However, that perception is changing in the Philadelphia, as reported by Fast-food restaurants with menu selections that epicureans, vegetarians, and foodies just may call their happy meals 

The culinary landscape of the Capital of Cheesesteaks is heading uptown with healthy fast-food restaurants such as Rotisseur, Honeygrow, HipCityVeg, and Pure Fare.  

The food at HipCity is appealing, regardless of your protein proclivities. A portobello mushroom sandwich comes crispy with buffalo sauce and celery slaw, an arugula taco salad has vibrant pico de gallo, and the Ziggy veggie burger gets a dash of a smoked tempeh sauce - "our version of a Big Mac," Marquis said.

The chickens at Rotisseur are from the high-end purveyor D'Artagnan. Owner Matzkin confirms that his birds get brined before their turn in the oven, but won't disclose his cooking methods.