How Long Will Green Cars Have Luxury Carmakers Seeing 'Red'?

Posted: Dec. 15th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo Porsche North America

The decade-long prognosis of deluxe carmakers that luxury automobile lovers would spend their greenbacks on green cars has not lived up to expectations.

The New York Times reports that the exact opposite has occurred, with high-end hybrids being the biggest duds in the market. With the exception of the C-suite execs of the Silicon Valley and, of course, actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, the green movement has most brands seeing red ink instead of black on their ledgers.

However, with governmental regulations calling for cars that are more fuel-efficient with lower emissions and lighter carbon footprints, the rollout of these top-line hybrids carries on.

Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and other prestigious brands will continue with efforts to entice the market with their ecologically correct offerings.  

…. Promising better mileage than their forebears — and in many cases, the ability to recharge from the grid to deliver miles of pure-electric motoring — these hybrids will look to meet the more stringent regulations and attract more customers to low-fossil driving.