How to Deal with being stuck

Posted: Jun. 2nd, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

We’ve all been there, stuck in an airport due to inclement weather, without a backup plan. With weather wreaking havoc at airports this last week, between the Icelandic volcano and the golf ball size hail over Dallas, weary travelers are trying to make the best out of being stuck on the ground.

Using smart phones, travelers are relying on apps to help them find the nearest available hotel room, or the next available flight to their destination. This boost in technology helps when dozens of people are searching for the same accommodations. When it comes to getting on board the next available flight, if you’re able to be creative, taking a flight with layovers in other cities may get your back in the air faster than vying for a spot on the next non-stop flight. Also, make sure to always carry one change of clothes in your overnight bag, in case of emergency. This way, if the airline can’t get your bags to you right away, you have a change of clothes until the luggage arrives.