Four Tech Trends to Watch for in 2014

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

So, how do you like those apples? 

There will be no loyalty by consumers for tech products in 2014. That is among the predicted trends expected to impact the upcoming year. 

While big wheels will keep on churning, technology will augment the process tenfold in 2014.

The 21st century and its ever increasingly smarter products will either accelerate progress or prompt more pit stops for tune-ups.

It is the end of the world as we know it  … do you feel fine? Four initiatives forthcoming will either move on to become mega-trends or wilt to passing fads. From Business Insider, we offer a snippet of what to expect in 2014. Happy New Year!

 …. Retail stores will start to get personal. “2014 will be the year in which you walk into a store and it ‘knows you’ and customises your visit,” Gownder predicts. Stores will experiment with tech ranging from things like Apple’s iBeacon, which can send offers to smartphones as you shop, to potentially creepy facial recognition tech.

Eco-Friendly & Luxury Cars Drive 2014 San Diego International Auto Show

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Ladies and gentlemen … start your engines!

 The 2014 edition of the San Diego International Auto Show is the 50th anniversary of the event, which features nearly 500 new vehicles from 36 automakers worldwide, reports the San Diego Source.  

The 2014 show marks the 15th year that will features “ride and drive” events. New cars from BMW, Nissan, and General Motors are among the 17 models available for attendees to enjoy.

Additionally, the Exotic Vault section of the festivities showcases supercars from the likes of Ferrari, Lotus, Aston Martin, and Maserati.

The 2014 San Diego International Auto Show kicks off on Wednesday, New Year’s Day, and runs through Saturday.

….“This is where the cars are the stars,” said Amy Foley, spokeswoman for the auto show. “The great thing about the show is you can try out the cars for yourself, learn the new technology in them and really grab the wheels without the pressure of a dealership to buy.”

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JustLuxe Presents Vacation Fitness: Anywhere, Anytime. No Gear Required

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Let’s get physical … anywhere … anytime … and no geared required … except for motivation and initiative.

As we embark upon 2014, it is time for change and resolutions are aplenty.

Losing weight and getting into better shape are two propositions that crop up annually for many of us. So, why not show some innovative ruminating and take those resolutions primary activities on the daily itinerary.

Katz on the Prowl

JustLuxe’s Senior Travel Correspondent Lena Katz presents a variety of vacation options that may go a long way in holding onto those resolutions always and forever. 

Stop-and-Go: If you’re running in the city, stopping at lights is fine. Jog in place and keep that heart rate steady. This small break can actually benefit your running [think of it as traffic-engineered interval training].

Soundtrack it:  Music is vital to an awesome run! Some of her favorites are Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Beautiful Day by U2, Lights by Ellie Goulding, and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy.

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Euro Currency 2013's Best-Performing Currency per FOREX

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

What’s in your wallet?

The euro will be the top-performing currency in 2013 if all remains as-is throughout today, the year’s end.  Reuters is reporting that the currency gained 26% percent against the yen this year.

Additionally, the U.S. dollar is on track for its best performance against the yen in 34 years, dating back to 1979, showing a 21% gain over the year.

On Tuesday the euro slipped 0.2 percent to $1.3775 as the gap between U.S. two-year government bond yields and German yields widened, increasing the relative attractiveness of the dollar.

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How Elon Musk Knows if Someone Is Lying During a Job Interview

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Show "Musk" go on! 

Elon Musk feels that he can tell whether a job applicant is lying during a job interview by asking prospective employees to describe how they handled a problem.

Musk asserts that an individual that has handled a problematic situation would be able to explain in detail how they resolved it. Those who stammer and skirt around the topic are likely lying about their involvement and are not worthy candidates for the job.

People that honestly resolved a problem can lucidly offer step-by-step summarizations; those unable to do so cannot.

“When you struggle with a problem that is how you understand it,” said Musk.  

Zappos to Zap All Job Titles in 2014

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

 Zappos, the Las Vegas-based apparel retail will be a manager-free workplace sans hierarchical labels, according to various reports. Holacratic is the new style the internal operations will deploy moving forward, Quartz reports. 

This is a major reorganizational project. The firm will operate with about 400 circles in handling its daily operations. The new model is expected to be in place by the end of 2014. The system is a structure that provides sufficient flexibility to encourage workers to be passionate toward their professional aspirations.

….In its highest-functioning form, he says, the system is “politics-free, quickly evolving to define and operate the purpose of the organization, responding to market and real-world conditions in real time. 

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Austin, Texas, Luxury RE Market Stays Strong in 2013

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Deep in the heart of Texas ... there is good news to report on the luxury real estate market.

While there is an up and down to the luxury real estate market in Austin, Texas, in 2013, it overall is “healthy,” according to a report by the Austin Business Journal.

Despite the average price of housing valued at $1 million and more decreasing by about $21,000, the median price of #1.33 million is an increase of more than $82,000 in a year-over year analysis. Luxury real estate in November 2013 was on the market 10 days less than the same time last year; and the total number of sales of 42 is 12 more than in November 2012. Salient details from the analysis of the area’s market include….

.• Total dollar volume in November was $68,976,894

• Active number of listings in the $1 million-plus category was 421

• There is 10.5 months of inventory currently, or 5.5 months less than the year prior

Luxury Residences Used Exclusively as Party Houses

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

High-end housing is morphing into multiple-use luxury properties instead of private homes, according to reports from The Real Deal and The Wall Street Journal.

Palatial single-family residences are being used for various activities, such as parties, concerts, company, industry, and social events, and more. Whether it is a fad or a trend gathering momentum remains up in the air. However, it has been reported to be a growing segment of the real estate market. 

In the past few years, there has been a big increase in people who want a unique place for their wedding or party,” Jamie Ehrsam, whose site lists luxury homes available for rent ranging from $3,500 to $30,000 per day, told the Wall Street Journal. “They want to get out of the hotel ballroom.”

Four Seasons Adding More Hotels in Brazil

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Deluxe hotel chain Four Seasons is planning to further expand on its location in Brazil, Bloomberg reports. The luxury hotelier has two properties in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia underway that may be competed as early as sometime in 2014. 

It has been reported that the Toronto-based hotel firm could ultimately have as many as five destinations in the burgeoning country, which is showing significant rise in demand for upscale lodgings.

…. “The consumer market for luxury tourism in Brazil has grown a lot,” said Alinio Azevedo, the company’s Latin America and the Caribbean development director. “We are very optimistic for the potential in this market.”

Chanel Named 2013 Marketer of the Year By Luxury Daily

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Luxury-brand Chanel is the Luxury Daily’s 2013 Marketer of the Year. The online marketing publication announced the results on Tuesday. Cartier and Burberry finished second and third, respectively in this year’s running. 

The firm’s adaptability to digital marketing and long-term organic campaign gave the label the edge in this fierce competition.

….“Chanel proved itself the master of the narrative in 2013,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Luxury Daily, New York. “Each piece of communication and marketing was another link in the grand construct of the Chanel story.

Luxury Brands in South Korea Changing Top Execs Entering 2014

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

It is a new year and a new era for several luxury brands in South Korea. .

Due to sluggish results stemming from the luxury market in South Korea, three upscale brands are changing their top executives, according to a report from the Korean Times

Michael Kim will be the new chief exec at Salvatore Ferragamo Korea, replacing Choe Wan, who held the top position there for 17 years. Ralph Loren also replaced its president to start off 2014. Current President Jung Sean steps down  after10 years. Sean will be replaced by Current VP Kim Liz will replace Sean effective January 2.

…. MCM has appointed Oh Na-mi to become its new leader who will take office at the beginning of next year. Oh previously served as vice president at Kolon Industry.

2014 Queen Elizabeth's OBE Awards Announced

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

The fashion, beauty, and design awards for Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year Honors list for 2014 were announced on Monday in a report by Women’s Wear Daily.

Phoebe Philo, creative director for singer Celine, was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to fashion. Pat McGrath, makeup artist received an OBE for service to the fashion and beauty industry.

An OBE for services to design and architecture went to Zeev Avram, the founder of London’s Aram design store. Ilse Crawford was named an OBE for services to interior design.

…. Sylvia Auton, the former chief executive officer and chairman of IPC Media, was named an OBE for services to the publishing industry. Meanwhile, the ballet dancer Carlos Acosta was named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, or CBE, for services to ballet.

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$578M Sales in Pot Projected in Denver

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Rocky Mountain High … in Colorado!

The roll out of legal marijuana retail stores in the state of Colorado is expected to result in sales of $578 million in the year 2014.

One of the retailers told Bloomberg News that she expects a monthly sales increase to $250,000 up from $30,000 per month in 2013. Toni Fox, the owner of the 3D Cannabis Center is expecting an 800% increase in sales in 2014. The surging profits from the legal pot outlets will add $67 million in tax revenue to the state. 

….Fox’s shop is among 14 in Denver that got state and local licenses in time to sell marijuana to anyone 21 or older starting Jan. 1, just over a year after Colorado and Washington voters made their states the first to legalize recreational use. Washington’s shops are expected to open later in the year.

Is the Anxiety in New Year's Eve Party Planning Really Worth It?

December 31, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Will you even remember any of this tomorrow?

While most folks are familiar with “12 Days of Christmas,” the Huffington Post reminds us that there are “19 stages of New Year’s Eve Planning Anxiety” that are encountered by most women (and most likely men too!). With the soiree of the year coming up this evening, the question today is simple.

Was it really worth so much anxiety? The anticipated good times as well as the high costs of partying can send many ladies into a tizzy. It also prompts a NYE resolution that may be the best one to keep heading into 2014 … don’t worry about it!

 Happy New Year!

Hawaiian Woman with 36-Character Last Name Gets State's DOT to Put Entire Name on Her License

December 30, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

Hawaii’s Janice "Lokelani"Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele finally got the state’s Department of Transportation to revise its policy on the number of characters that can be inserted into the last, first, and middle-name fields of state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards.

Prior to Ms. Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele efforts to change the policy, Hawaii-issued cards from its DOT only allocated space for 35 characters. Ms. K’s name consists of 35 letters and an okina, which is a mark used in the Hawaiian alphabet.

The story from the Associated Press also mentioned that Janice’s last name contains 19 syllables. Phonics experts are welcomed to step forward and break it down for us if they wish.


Google & Audi to Team Up on In-Car Info & Entertainment Systems

December 30, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

The Consumer Electronics Show will be where Google and Audi plan to announce their alignment to develop information and entertainment systems for Audi’s automobiles. The long-term plan is to forge systems workable in other carmakers automobiles as well. 

The Verge reports that this announcement comes sevens months subsequent to Apple’s iOS system. The difference is apples and oranges, as Apple’s system integrates the iPhone into a car’s system, while Google’s and Audi’s plan is to have Android and Android-based apps run on the car’s own hardware. Apple’s is an add-on; whereas Google’s is there from inception.

Complete details of the depth of the collaboration between the automaker and high-tech group were not divulged.

…. The Wall Street Journal says that Google and Audi will outline a timetable to offer Android-based systems in new models due to arrive over the next four or five years.

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Real Money Is in Free Apps w/ In-Apps Purchase, Not Paid Apps

December 30, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

In-apps purchases are where the real money is made with apps, according to a report by eMarketer based on research gathered by Distimo, anapps-analytics firm.

Distimo determined that 98% of Google Play’s revenues in November stemmed from free apps with in-app purchases and only 2% came from a combination of paid apps and paid apps with in-app purchases.

The Apple App store experienced similar results, with 92% of its revenues coming from free-apps with in apps purchases versus 8% from the combination of paid apps (4%) and paid apps with in in-app purchases (4%).      

….Distimo also found that while Apple’s store is still tops around the world in terms of revenues, Google Play did gain share during 2013, suggesting faster growth in in-app purchases made on Android-based devices than iOS-based ones.

New Year's Eve Party in NYC at Applebee's for $375

December 30, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

How do you like those apples?

Applebee’s, the restaurant that markets “two eat for $20” meal deals is inviting New Year’s Eve party seekers in New York to come to its place and party for $375 per person. The restaurant will have a four-hour party at two locations, which will feature an open bar, a chef’s selection buffet, party favors, and a house DJ. Children under the age of 12 will only be charged $250 to attend parties at the Times Square and the Theater District locations.

The hidden perk of the deal is that the attendees of the parties will be permitted to head toward Times Square after 11 p.m. However, the caveat is that people spotted exiting venues at that time of the evening may be rerouted by police and advised to move elsewhere.

TGI Friday’s in Times Square also is also open and partying on NYE but reportedly charging only $299.99 for its festivities.

Insider’s tips: Start walking toward Times Square between 10 and 10:30 p.m. to get a good spot to see the ball drop. If getting up close to the action is the objective, arrive at Time Square at noon and make a day of it. 

 Happy New Year! 

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Mother Names Her Newborn Son Krimson Tyde

December 30, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

A woman from Andalusia, Alabama, Summer Steele,, who named her newborn son, Krimson Tyde, is receiving flak plentifully for naming the infant after the NCAA football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

Mrs. Steele stated that the team is her favorite as well as her husband’s. Summer “breezed” that Krimson would have a unique name and that people should say nothing unless they had something nice to say about it.

Life in the crass lane: No information was provided in the Associated Press story on whether the spelling of Krmison’s name was correct as-is or if it would be amended at a later date.

Samsung's 110' 4K HDTV TV Hits Market

December 30, 2013 | By: DailyLuxe News

The long-awaited (or was it?)  Samsung 110-inch 4K HDTV is for sale, but it is not available in the USA, as reported by Engadget.  

The newly released big-screen TV is for sale in China, the Middle East, and select parts of Europe only, according to VentureBeat’s report. While the consumer electronics industry is abuzz over the technology, consumers for the most part are not as enthused. 

VB speculates that this one is all about swag and bragging rights within the industry, because making a TV that only a small percentage of the 1% that could afford will buy is not a sustainable business model. A report by Associate Press pegs the price of the TV at about $150,000.

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