John Edwards To Be Prosecuted

Posted: May. 27th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

John Edwards is in trouble again. Edwards, who admitted to an affair with Rielle Hunter, his campaign videographer in 2008, is now the subject of a prosecution and probable indictment over campaign funds being used to bribe his mistress and mother of his love child. For two years the investigation over the alleged bribery by two of Edwards’ major campaign donors, Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, and the campaign’s finance chairman, Fred Baron, has been underway.

Baron died in 2008, but did say prior to his death that Edwards was unaware of the misappropriation of campaign funds; prosecutors believe differently though. The U.S. Department of Justice has given the go ahead for prosecution of the former presidential candidate for purportedly violating campaign law, in order to cover up his indiscretions. Reille Hunter reportedly received more than 1 million dollars to keep quiet about her affair with Edwards during his presidential campaign bid. Incidentally, Edwards’ affair did become public in 2008, and he admitted to fathering Hunter’s child in 2010.