JustLuxe Presents 10 Dining Experiences that Soar Beyond the Average Meal

Posted: Sep. 17th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

The Palace

Would you rather have a happy meal, or an opulent dining experience that would qualify as an all-sensorial impacting event?

These 10 dining experiences border surreal by definition. Each one is a gourmand nirvana and an experiential extravaganza. No detail is too minute; no taste bud is left out of the mix. For simply fabulous and absolutely extreme, check out The Palace in Miami Beach. It will broaden your horizons—culinarily and culturally.

Other meal stops include, Paris, New Mexico, New York City, and West Sweden! Take a peek. Are you loving it? 

 ….Saltwater shellfish in West Sweden is incredible — the clear, chilly seas are an ideal habitat for jumbo-sized sweet crayfish, oysters, crab and lobster. The end of summer signifies the start of something delightful for seafood lovers: lobster season. Locals go straight to their favorite local fisherman or fish-market stall, while tourists enjoy the thrill of the hunt on the “Seafood Safaris” that have become a popular early-autumn daytrip.