JustLuxe Presents 5 Stunning Villas Turned Wedding Venues

Posted: Jun. 10th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Khayangan Estates

This is a look-see at some of the most spectacular residences in the world that are now used as wedding venues by the top 1% of wealthy people on the planet.

Each destination is a proclamation of ornate proportions that will leave you searching for a thesaurus to select adjectives that clearly describe these trappings.  

From Texas to Bali to the Caribbean to Italy and to Australia, these are some of the most stupendous sites for “not poor” eyes that the world has to offer.  

Calivigny Island, Caribbean

When a private villa just isn’t quite private enough, why not bring your friends and family to your very own island? Located off the coast of Grenada, this little slice of the Caribbean dream can host up to 20 people in the island’s sprawling beach house and 12 more in the 173-foot yacht docked on the shore. There is plenty to keep guests busy on this 81-acre island while they wait for the festivities to begin: ride bikes, quads or jet skis, have a cocktail at the pool’s swim-up bar, lay on the beach, or even get a treatment from the resident massage therapist.