JustLuxe Presents 6 Spectacular Yacht Charters to Cruise You Through Fall

Posted: Oct. 16th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Bray Management

Justluxe’s Lifestyle Editor Mila Pantovich found these half-dozen luxury-yacht-charter excursions that will leave all comers feeling richer than ever.

While these water-centric vacations may be priceless, each one has a price tag that may cause involuntary swooning. Actually, the charter deals on the Moorings catamarans are pretty reasonable when considering doing a pleasure-to-price-cost analysis. 

Chartering the Alexander, a 122-meter yacht with 44 bathrooms, 39 guestrooms, and helmed by a 58-member crew, will cost around $133,000 per day. It is a reasonable price to rent a small-cruise ship that is labeled a motor yacht.

The best deal afloat is a 10-day charter for six guests about a Moorings 4600 catamaran that comes in at $9,000 total. Price-wise, the remaining four yacht-charter extravaganzas fall somewhere in between the high of $133,000 per day and the low of $9,000 for 10 days.

Nine thousand dollars divided by six for a 10-day charter sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Who is in? Enjoy…