JustLuxe Presents 7 Spots to Find Your Favorite A-Listers

Posted: Jul. 12th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Courtesy of Amankora

These are the vacation destinations where many of the most popular celebrities in the entertainment industry spend their summers.

When the cameras and microphones are turned off, these idyllic respites are where those glamorous stars go to get their time away. Here are seven spots where stars can be spotted both days and nights.  

Find your place under the sun as JustLuxe presents: Where Celebrities Summer Vacation: 7 Spots to Find Your Favorite A-Listers.

 Bhutan, Asia

Not so tropical and beachy, but just as tranquil and scenic, is Bhutan in Southeast Asia. As the only surviving Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom, it is one of the most remote and serene destinations for celebs to get some true quiet time. According to MSN, Aman Resorts' Amankora property is frequented by some of the biggest names in Tinseltown looking to relax in luxury among the nation’s pure, natural beauty. Since Bhutan only permits a certain number of travelers per year, celebs like Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Drew Barrymore have come to Zen-out here knowing they won’t be bothered by crowds of people ready to disturb their inner peace.