Kate Upton Not Fitting Into World of High Fashion

Posted: Mar. 19th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Sports Illustrated

The world of high fashion has its standards, and Kate Upton has her shapely figure.

Call it a culture clash, a parting of ways, or simply stated, women with bodies not resembling tall, gawky high school boys are seldom welcomed on catwalks at fashion shows. 

Say it ain’t so … but it is the truth … according to high-fashion model Kira Dikhtyar.  She told Fox News that“decisions regarding what models to use are still made by the same five to seven casting directors, who are choosing skeletal-like girls who actually kind of look the same.” Another pundit of the industry indicated that the models are thinner than ever. So, why is high fashion so anorexic-centric and anti-curvaceous? Apparently, one size does fits all and there are no exceptions. 

“The clothing samples for the shows are size zero. If they cast someone over that, they won’t fit the collection,” she explained. “Kate Upton made it not as a fashion model, but as a celebrity. Designers will not go against the size zero rules, that is why we don’t see Kate or any other curvy girls on international runways.”