Kid Friendly Accommodations

Posted: Jun. 1st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Traveling with the kids just got easier with the new amenities being offered at bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels across the nation. From letting the kids stay in their own kid friendly room across the hall from mom and dad to video games or princess dress up gear stocked in the drawers, families are finding it easier to travel together and hearing “I’m bored” is a thing of the past.

In Washington State, the Monaco hotel near Pike Place Market offers guests a family check in packet with information about kid-friendly attractions and restaurants, and at Seattle’s Maxwell Hotel activities and games are delivered to your room by cart. Some bed and breakfasts are even ready to offset your gas prices, by offering a tank of free gas with a reservation, through their “B&B’s kick gas” program.

When looking for accommodations that are kid friendly, keep an eye out for vacation packages. Some hotels and bed and breakfasts offer tickets to local attractions with their rooms.