KISS Buys Arena League Football Team for L.A.

Posted: Aug. 17th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Getty Images

 While KISS, the band, has not rock-and-rolled and partied every day for quite some time, the brand is a formidable entity that has evolved into a corporation that rocks.

KISS has purchased an Arena Football League (AFL) team that will be known as the L.A. KISS, Yahoo Sports reports.  The band’s essence will be merged into the new team’s culture, including a helmet design. Tickets are available online for the upcoming season, which begins in March.

Season ticket holders will be treated with a full-blown KISS concert, at the Honda Center in 2014, as well as other exclusive goodies. Gene Simmons’ conveyed via a prepared statement…

…."With Arena Football, you are much closer to the action - sitting in the front row is like putting a folding chair on the hash mark of an NFL game – and it’s one of the only sports where you can experience this level of intensity. Attending an LA KISS game in 2014 will be similar to a live KISS show, with thrilling, heart-pounding action."